Leased cars for sale European Auction Car Service: The leader in buying cars from auctions in Europe

Delivery of cars from Europe is becoming an increasingly popular way to purchase a quality vehicle. Many car enthusiasts choose this path because it allows you to buy a car in good condition at a better price than in the market in your country. You can buy a car in Europe both at auctions and […]

Global Automotive Revolution: Why do people all over the world choose Euaservice vehicles with a 40% discount?

In the modern world, where the car has long become not just a vehicle, but also a status symbol, people strive for the best. At the same time, who would not want to buy a quality car at a bargain price? This question has become the key to the success of our service, which offers […]

‘Come Save My Life!’ Haiti’s President Desperately Called For Help Before Assassination, Report Says

People attend a vigil in honor of Haiti’s slain president Jovenel Moise, in Little Haiti neighborhood, Miami, Florida, on July 16, 2021.InternationalIndiaAfricaLate Haitian President Jovenel Moise, 56, was killed at his residence outside Port-au-Prince in early July. Police detained 28 suspected attackers in the immediate aftermath. The Miami Herald published an article in which an […]

Signs of Process That Might Have Erased ‘Signs of Life’ On Mars Discovered by Scientists

MarsInternationalIndiaAfricaThe samples were extracted by the rover in the Gale Crater, the site of an asteroid impact that occurred about 3.6 billion years ago.NASA researchers studying Mars through the Curiosity rover have made a discovery related to possible evidence of life on the Red Planet, Live Science reports.During the course of its mission, Curiosity retrieved […]

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Joe Biden, the Ultimate American Snake-oil Salesman

US President Joe Biden laughs at White House Correspondents’ Association gala on April 30, 2022.InternationalIndiaAfricaScott RitterColumnistThe second Summit for Democracy kicks off in Washington, DC today, with President Joe Biden gathering representatives from around 120 countries vision of in hopes of breathing life into his vision “restoring” American leadership on the world stage after four […]

Soaring Energy Prices Force Pakistani Industrialists to Close Businesses

A laborer unload sacks of chickpeas at a market in Karachi, Pakistan, Thursday, July 14, 2022.InternationalIndiaAfricaAneela RashidPakistan has a young and growing entrepreneurial population, with English as the main language for business, but inflation, as well as the recent political turmoil and devastating floods, are making it difficult for industries to flourish.Tension among Pakistan’s business […]

Why Business Wants a Recession

Recession Economic CrisisInternationalIndiaAfricaTed RallGive Jerome Powell credit for candor: the Fed chairman admits that his policy of increasing interest rates to fight inflation might push the economy into a recession. “No one knows whether this process will lead to a recession or, if so, how significant that recession would be,” he recently told reporters.If it […]

Pakistan’s Leaked Tapes Scandal: ‘When Prize Is Power All Coincidences Align’

Supporters of Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party attend a rally, in Peshawar, Pakistan, Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022.InternationalIndiaAfricaAneela RashidLast Sunday, dozens of recordings of private conversations in the house of the Pakistani Prime Minister were leaked online, raising questions about security inside the building. Sputnik contacted a political candidate, the representative of Mianwali district […]

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